2024 event is an “Invitation Only” balloon event.  Thank you.

Pilot Operations Manual

View the 2024 pilot application

As a participant in this Festival, I
agree to:  
  • Arrive with a current, private or commercial, LTA Free Balloon Certificate;
  • My balloon will be airworthy with a current annual inspection certificate;
  • Make Airworthiness Certificate, Registration Certificate, Pilot Certificate, Aircraft Logbooks and Pilot Logbooks available at Festival registration;
  • Have in full force a balloon insurance policy with $1,000,000.00, minimum property damage, $100,000.00, minimum passenger liability for each passenger, and $1,000,000.00, minimum combined single limit liability through an insurance company;
  • Provide a total of two (2) assigned passengers as “free sponsor(partner) flight(s)”
  • Refrain from selling balloon rides for hire outside of event agreement;
  • Refrain from conducting pilot training during the event or allow a non-registered pilot to fly the balloon during the festival.
  • I am aware of and agree with the responsibility legally transferred to me under the Federal Aviation regulations in regards to my personal decision to fly the balloon, and bodily injury or property damage resultant there from is my liability;
  • I understand and agree that as Pilot-in-Command, I am in full and complete charge and control of the balloon and am responsible for all decisions made concerning same; and all things and persons in or connected with my balloon both on the ground and in the air;
  • All balloon flights to be made during the Festival are contingent on the Pilot-in-Command determination that all necessary weather and safety conditions have been met;
  • Fly four (4) Mass Ascension flights and perform at least one (1) glow;
I hereby declare that I am participating in the Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair of my own free volition and that I accept the Rules and Regulations as stated herein.