Partner Diamond


As a Diamond Partner you will receive the following business promotion and personal items:


  • Balloon Basket Banner
  • Radio Lead in Announcement Spots
  • Banner on field during event (1)
  • Full Page Program Ad
  • Listed in Program
  • Listing on Official Festival Website
  • Individual Balloon Rides (2)
  • Gondola club Passes (8)
  • VIP Parking Passes (8)
  • General Admission Wristbands (14)
  • Logo Sweatshirt Vouchers  (2)
  • Logo Tee Shirt Vouchers (2)
  • 25% Discount Vouchers for Official Balloon Festival Merchandise  (2)

If you would like to buy a Partnership larger than Diamond, click here.

If you would like to buy a booth, please contact your sales rep or Sales Chairman – Shane Delaney, Ph#928-453-1306, email: