We enjoy volunteering every year!
Jack and Carol P.
Lots of fun—and it always is. It was a treat to work with Jim again. And I had worked with Pete one other time—nice man. This was my 5th year, too, and I’m not ready to quit. My friend Sarah had a good time, too.
Sally C.
The true thanks should go to those of you who put your lives on hold to chair this event.
Pat A.
We had a blast!
Carrie & Bob H.
What a job you have done these five years. Love the Balloon Fest!
Betsey H.
Kudos to the organizers of the Balloon Festival. We like to volunteer at various activities and you have one of the most well-run events.
Mike and Betty S.
What a great day today to get some exercise, meet some new folks…and, oh ya, give a helping hand to an outstanding community festival.
Lee M.
It was lots of fun and my husband and I would love to do it again next year. Where do we apply to get our names on the list??
Donna C. and Paul C.
It was a blast, thank you.
Lynne B.
I had a blast and definitely will be back next year.
Janis W.

Thank you for another fabulous Balloon event. We are snowbirds that come here for 4 months and love it, my highlight is the Balloon Fest.

Cindy S.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a fun weekend keep me posted on when you’re doing the sign ups again, can’t wait till next year, I look forward to hearing from you all. Met a lot of nice people got to do more shift’s than I was signed up, that was very nice to be asked, I’m here and ready for next year 🙂 🙂 🙂
Casey O.
I had so much fun. Wish I could have done more!
Richard T.
Loved it
Loved this crew
Hope to be with them next year
Pat H.
Hi I was born and raised in Needles and have lived in Mohave Valley, Arizona since 1997 and have attended this event all 5 years, even the one with the wind blowing at what seemed like 100 miles an hour while in the VIP tent but it held! We also travel about every 5th year to Albuquerque, NM for their event, love balloon watching! Just wanted whomever to know the traffic control and parking situation was awesome this year. We even found a hotel room at 10:00pm Friday night at the Travelodge rather than drive home and back for yesterday morning. We have went from the years of waiting for the bus for hours out in the dark in a dirt area to braving the morning and evening cold to ride our harley just to get a parking spot, nice little parking secret, to one year line so long for the night glow we missed it so we just turned around and came back to MHV that evening. Everything was awesome this year and I just wanted whomever to know as a Needles native and now an Arizona resident I greatly appreciate your time and effort in holding such an awesome event! Note to myself purchase my VIP tickets earlier as they were all sold out when I went to purchase appx 45 days before this years event compared to purchasing them the 2nd and 3rd year just a few days before the event…but that is a good thing! Will be looking forward to next year, Debbie H 🙂 Thank you for having me at for the media day this year. Here are a few photos from today. Really appreciate the opportunity to be here!
Jerrod H.
Kuba we had a great tine at our 4th balloon festively and want to commend you and your group on a excellent job.We look forward to the next one,
I have just posted some images from this years event if you’d like to take a look! We had a great time out there, look forward to being back soon!
Joey S.